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IDUN Minerals is a full color make-up line based on pure mineral formulations. It has been developed in Sweden by a team of scientists and skin experts.

Discover IDUN Minerals

Discover IDUN Minerals


IDUN Minerals is now available in the United States. Developed in Sweden by a team of scientists and skin experts, IDUN Minerals is a full color make-up line based on pure mineral formulations.

The brand name “IDUN” comes from the old Norse Goddess of Eternal Youth who kept a box of magic apples that she shared with other Gods to keep them young. The packaging features interpretations of the goddess created by artist Patrizia Gucci.

IDUN Minerals is intended for all women who care about quality products and who are health conscious. We only use simple and pure ingredients, nothing else. All formulas are purified of nickel, chrome, and other elements and are microorganisms free. The formulas contain no talc, oils, silicones, fragrances, bismuth oxychloride, nanoparticles or parabens. It is cruelty-free and toxin-free because we care.

IDUN Minerals was originally introduced in 2011 as a pharmacy exclusive brand in Sweden.

Swedish pharmacies only sell prescription medicines and quality health and beauty products. All products must comply with the Swedish Pharmacy authority’s strict quality criteria known as the “black list” which bans a long list of ingredients. Today, IDUN Minerals is the only cosmetic brand sold in all major Swedish pharmacies. It is also the fastest growing Swedish cosmetic line as more women discover the advantages of pure mineral cosmetics for beautiful and healthy looking skin.

The extreme purity of IDUN Minerals’ formulas brings vibrant color to all women, including those with extreme sensitivities. In fact, many Swedish dermatologists recommend IDUN Minerals for consumers with acne or rosacea. Further, the IDUN Minerals foundation recently received the seal of approval from the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Foundation, recognition we are particularly proud of, as it is the only cosmetic product to have such an endorsement.

IDUN Minerals’ commitment to marry science with style is evidenced by our combining pure mineral formulas with the inspiration of the Swedish cultural scene. The line includes Face, Eye, Lip and Nail products as well as a line of the finest quality makeup brushes. Throughout the world, Sweden is known for style, design, technology, quality of life, and female empowerment. This heritage is all part of what makes IDUN Minerals innovative and unique. We can’t wait for you to experience what so many Scandinavian women have already discovered.

Come discover the beautiful simplicity and purity of IDUN Minerals for yourself.