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IDUN Minerals is a full color make-up line based on pure mineral formulations. It has been developed in Sweden by a team of scientists and skin experts.



The New Eir mascara was rated one of 11 best mascaras in the world by Elle Magazine’s Swedish edition in their April 2016 issue. We hope that you will like it as much as they did.

Go behind the scenes on the set of IDUN Mineral’s latest photo shoot and discover IDUN’s Secret Garden. The Secret Garden represents the beauty and color that can come from richness and purity of nature. Our model, Andrea Nilsson, is surrounded by flowers and stunning colors as she bring IDUN Mineral’s products to life in her own private paradise.
Click here to see the making of on our YouTube page.

IDUN Minerals introduces Norrsken Pure Mineral Illuminating Foundation. This breakthrough formula combines the pure mineral benefits of IDUN Minerals in a gentle formula that feels natural to the skin. Finally, the liquid mineral foundation women have been asking for is available from IDUN Minerals.

Purified mineral ingredients are blended in a pure water base for a naturally luminous look with an airless feel and beautiful, healthy-looking skin. Without the additives and preservatives found in other foundation, it follows the strict ingredient guidelines of the Swedish pharmacy authority as do all IDUN Minerals products. With a touch of concentrated lingonberry oil to keep it Scandinavian and to keep skin hydrated and radiant.

IDUN Minerals strict ingredient list yields the highest level of product purity. Norrsken is completely free of preservatives. It is also free of silicones, bismuth, talc and perfume.

Norrsken is available in 9 shades and is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Welcome to Sweden

From nature to lifestyle to career to motherhood, Sweden is a pretty cool place. People respect each other and the world they live in which creates a natural balance of priorities. No individual is too big and no individual is too small.