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IDUN Minerals is a full color make-up line based on pure mineral formulations. It has been developed in Sweden by a team of scientists and skin experts.

The Goddess IDUN

The Goddess IDUN


The Goddess of Eternal Youth

Idun is one of the goddesses presented in Norse mythology, the common folklore of the pre-Christian era and during the Viking Age in Scandinavia.

The beautiful goddess Idun was known as the Goddess of Rejeuvenation. She was the wife of the god Bragi and stories about their life and times were brought to life in the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda from the 1200s.

The stories tell how Idun was the keeper of the magic apples of immortality. These golden apples were kept by Idun in a special wooden box and given to the gods as they began to show signs of aging so that they could regain their youth. Idun kept her apples in this wooden box and no matter how many she gave out the number of apples in her box remained the same.

One fall Idun and her apples were kidnapped by a giant and all the gods began to age. A plan was concocted the next spring through which the god Loki took the form of a falcon and was sent to retrieve Idun from the giant. He succeeded and the gods were once again able to fill themselves on Idun’s rejuvenating fruits. The story is symbolic of the disappearance of fruits and vegetation every fall and their reappearance in the springtime.

Natural cosmetics meet beautiful art

Famed artist and designer Patrizia Gucci is behind the artistic interpretations of the goddess Idun on the IDUN Minerals packaging.

Patrizia Gucci on the Idun woman

“In my paintings, Idun represents the Swedish woman. She is very feminine and a woman with character. She appreciates the spirituality she finds in nature, and has great respect for all living things. She takes her energy from nature daily, and the elements I used to illustrate this in my pictures are water, earth and vegetation. Every woman in my paintings chooses her makeup with care, looks in the mirror and dreams about remaining forever young and becoming even more beautiful. They are very natural and respectful of their own style, character and spirituality. IDUN Minerals is like a ritual, a little dance in nature with great simplicity and elegance.”