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IDUN Minerals is a full color make-up line based on pure mineral formulations. It has been developed in Sweden by a team of scientists and skin experts.

Vegan Lifestyle


Vegan Makeup 🌿

Maintaining a vegan lifestyle is not always so easy in today's society as you will find animal-based products in food, clothing and many other manufactured items that we use everyday. Ingredients in makeup can have natural or synthetic origins. We regularly receive questions regarding the composition of our cosmetics. So lets take a closer look at it and raise the pros and cons.

An ingredient of “animal origin” is produced by or with the help of animal productions like, for example, milk, cheese and cream. It applies to the food industry as well as the make-up manufacturing. Sometimes an animal source is needed to produce a particular ingredient or shade. It can be difficult to know if a cosmetic product contains traces of animal-based ingredients or if it is tested on animals. Some brands lack of transparency towards their consumers. A vegan labeled product simply does not contain any ingredients of animal origin. A cruelty free product ensures that no animal has been maltreated, injured or used in any way throughout the fabrication of the product. Fortunately, more and more companies choose to take their responsibility by reviewing their ethical stance and producing new lines of vegan and cruelty free makeup.

IDUN Minerals values and vegan makeup

At IDUN Minerals we highly respect our customers and we consider it is our duty and further more, ethically right to give you the most complete information you need to know about every formula we develop. Thereby can we let you decide if it corresponds to your consumption wishes and habits. That is why we choose to be fully transparent regarding the composition of ingredients detailed in the descriptive sheet under each product. 

Our makeup line is vastly vegan, look out for "🌿 Vegan" in our product descriptions.

Only few of our products contain beeswax and carmine, two non-vegan ingredients. Beeswax is used in some of our mascaras and of course each of our vegan mascaras have a mention in their product description. Because we care about the most sensitive eyes, we only accept substances supported by a solid documentation about their origin and quality, ensuring your complete safety. We have not yet found a satisfying alternative to replace that component in these specific mascaras but we are certainly working hard to achieve our objective. Carmine is a red color pigment that is used in our blushes, some eyeshadows and some lip-sticks/glosses. The origin and standards of the carmine we use to dye some of these products, is very well-documented. We must use this ingredient to be able to offer a broader range of shades that includes vibrant red tones. We also took this option because our main concern is your health and we have to exclude any kind of eventual skin reaction. Other red color pigments such as, for example, AZO dyes are not an option for us as they may be harmful in contact with the oral cavity. Carmine is also a very good choice from an environmental point of view, something that is extremely important to us. In the ingredient list, Carmine is usually called C.I. 75470. 

We want to emphasize that all the components we use maintain first and foremost the highest quality possible. We mostly choose vegan ingredients, but our absolute first concern is to always make sure our products are safe for human beings, animals and nature.